Longue-Rive – Sentier Sault-au-Mouton

This enchanting trail is well worth a detour. Here you will have the chance to see (especially if you’re carrying binoculars or a spotting scope) minke, blue or fin whales surface feeding right in front of the path, at the edge of Batture aux Mille Vaches. Also, at the mouth of the river, you will discover one of the few areas for swimming along the St. Lawrence, with its waterfall further enhancing the site’s beauty. After taking a dip and doing a little whale-watching, what else is there? Keep your eyes peeled, as harbour seals also frequent the mouth of the river.

Sentier Sault-au-Mouton

  • Sault-au-Mouton trail

What they’re saying: “This place is spectacular and there’s so much to see! I often saw whales surface feeding there, it’s extraordinary!”

Getting there: Route 138 East. Immediately before the bridge over the Sault-au-Mouton River, turn right into the parking lot.