Les Bergeronnes

Les Bergeronnes – Cap-de-Bon-Désir Whale Route Top Pick

This Parks Canada site welcomes nearly 40,000 visitors every summer. Cap de Bon-Désir meets all expectations with the interpretive activities offered, convenient facilities and marine mammal-watching that will leave even the most demanding of observers satisfied. With a nearly 300-metre deep underwater canyon at the foot of the cape, it’s no wonder that small and large whales alike frequent the area. Cap de Bon-Désir is the place to be for a day chock full of amazing experiences.


  • Cap-de-Bon-Désir

What they’re saying: “Every season, we come to the region and spend several days at Cap de Bon-Désir. We saw almost all the species that there are in the St. Lawrence, it’s unbelievable. Also, there are interpreters there to talk to us about what we’re seeing. We’re delighted each and every time.”

Getting there: Route 138 East. The entrance to Cap de Bon-Désir is located approximately 6 km past the Les Bergeronnes viaduct. The entrance to the site is marked by an enormous sign.

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Les Bergeronnes – Paradis Marin and Mer et Monde Écotours Campgrounds

These camping sites are exceptional observation promontories perched on the very rocks lining the Estuary. With their easy access and their proximity to the Laurentian Channel – which reaches 300 metres deep here – these sites offer a real opportunity for a more intimate view into the world of marine mammals.

Camping Paradis Marin

  • Camping Paradis Marin

What they’re saying: “We had just woken up when we heard this strange puffing sound… When we got out of the tent, we realized that what we were hearing was a seal breathing… just a couple of metres away!”

Camping Mer et Monde

  • Camping Mer et Monde

Getting there: Camping Paradis Marin: Route 138 East. 7.3 km beyond the Les Bergeronnes viaduct, turn right at the sign for the site. Camping Mer et Monde Écotours: Route 138 East. About 10 km beyond the Les Bergeronnes viaduct, turn right at the sign for the site.