Forestville – Bike Path

This 13 km long bike path begins in the village of Portneuf-sur-Mer and runs along the St. Lawrence until it reaches Forestville. Minke whales keep you company along this trail, especially in June and July, the period when capelin are abundant in the area. After a rest stop on the benches along the path, continue onward and don’t forget to scan the horizon: large rorquals also frequent the sector.

la piste cyclable

What they’re saying: “Our bike ride was simply fantastic. We discovered a peaceful spot with intermingling aromas of sea and forest and a fabulous view of the St. Lawrence. In a word, this is an activity that we will undoubtedly do again.”

la plage

Getting there: There are three spots where you can pick up the bike path. Route 138 East. 1st entry point: after the bridge leading out of the village of Portneuf-sur-Mer, continue 3.5 km, then turn right. 2nd entry point: 4.2 km after the first entry point. 3rd entry point: at the first traffic light in the village of Forestville, turn right onto 1ère Avenue. Go 1.6 km and turn right to reach the entrance to the bike path and the beach.