Baie-Trinité – Pointe-des-Monts: Whale Route Top Pick


  • Pointe-des-Monts

Pointe-des-Monts, located within the municipality of Baie-Trinité, sits on an outcrop jutting 11 km out into the St. Lawrence, at a point that marks the end of the Estuary and the start of the Gulf. Everyone agrees: with its beauty, its historic 1830 lighthouse and the incredible view of the St. Lawrence, a visit or even an overnight stay at the captivating site of Pointe-des-Monts is more than justified. You can spend the night in the old lightkeeper’s house, in a chalet or in a tent. Word to the wise: don’t sleep too soundly, or you may miss the nighttime concert of whale sounds.

What they’re saying: “You’ve got to go to Pointe-des-Monts, this place is unique! The beach, the lighthouse, the whales… everything is so beautiful! The ultimate dreamlike experience was when, one autumn night, I was listening to the blow of whales while watching the multicoloured Northern Lights in the sky…

Getting there: Route 138 East. Before arriving in Baie-Trinité, turn right at the sign for Pointe-des-Monts. The site is located 11.5 km ahead, at the end of the road.

Baie-Trinité – Wharf

Quai de Baie-Trinité

  • Baie-Trinité wharf

The wharf of Baie-Trinité is a picturesque place where you can encounter villagers and sea trout fishermen. Scanning the horizon, you might spot the blows of large rorquals or, at closer distances, the backs of minke whales. And be sure not to miss the crabbers either who unload their mouth-watering catches here!

What they’re saying: “The fisherman were telling me that I would be able to see “gibards” from the end of the wharf. It was only later that I realized that they were talking about a species of cetacean, namely the minke whale. And they were right!”

Getting there: Route 138 East. Turn right 1.9 km after the bridge that crosses Rivière de la Trinité. The wharf is at the end of this road.

Baie-Trinité – Shipwreck trail (Sentier des Naufragés)

Anse Hunter

  • Anse Hunter (hunter cove)

With a striking panoramic view and an abundance of cetaceans, this trail is sure to please nature viewers. After taking the Anse-aux-Bouleaux trail, stop at one of the 4 rest areas to enjoy a picnic and lounge on the shores of the St. Lawrence. The amenities are designed for those who wish to take advantage of these viewpoints for hours or even days on end: dry toilet, tent platform, benches and tables, bike racks and interpretive signs. You’ll dive into the exciting history of shipwrecks lying just a few metres off the coves and with the telescope at Anse aux Bouleaux, you might be able to observe minke whales or see which species are blowing so loudly offshore. For those with the inclination: Anse de Sable (sandy cove) is also known in local parlance as “Lovers’ Cove”.

What they’re saying: “This trail is fascinating! With the various well-designed rest stops along the river, we couldn’t have asked for anything better! We had the chance to see minke whales up close, it was great. It really helped us end our trip on the perfect note!”

Getting there: Route 138 East. Turn right onto Rue Saint-Laurent. Continue 200 m. Take Rue Poulin, then Chemin de l’Anse-aux-Bouleaux. Continue 4 km and you will arrive at the Anse de Sable parking lot. Continue 1 km and you will arrive at the Anse aux Bouleaux parking lot. You can either walk or cycle the 4 km shipwreck trail to reach Anse Steamship and Anse Hunter.