Baie-Comeau – Jardin des Glaciers

This park offers several elevated viewpoints at the edge of the sea from which fantastic observations can be enjoyed. In addition to being very well equipped, the park offers a multitude of services and activities. With its shoreline butting up against 50-metre deep waters, Baie-Comeau is unrivalled for whale-watching. Here you will see an impressive diversity of cetaceans arriving one after the other to hug the coast.

Jardin des Glaciers

  • Jardin des Glaciers

What they’re saying: “You really have to visit this park! In addition to the numerous vantage points of the St. Lawrence, there’s a whole host of subjects to learn about, including glaciations. For nearly two months in the summer of 2004, an apparently well known sperm whale named Tryphon could be observed from the park.”

Getting there: Route 138 East. The park entrance is on the right, 8.4 km after the traffic lights near the Alcoa aluminum smelter.

Baie-Comeau – Wharf and Marina

Nearly 1 km long, this wharf is a major attraction in the region. Whales and seals surface at your feet and there is a bustling port. You will see cargo ships from the Great Lakes, Europe and Asia as well as local fishing boats with their catches.

What they’re saying: “We’ve been living in Baie-Comeau for several years and in the spring, when the capelin are here, we go down to the docks because the minke whales come into the bay and are so dynamic when they’re catching fish! And I can tell you that we’re not the only ones watching the show!”

Quai de Baie-Comeau

  • Baie-Comeau wharf

Getting there: Route 138 East. Pass through the first sector of the town of Baie-Comeau until you arrive in the second sector (Route 138 becomes Boulevard Lasalle). Continue on this boulevard until you reach the Abitibi Consolidated plant. Follow the signs for the ferry. The entry for the marina and wharf is 1.4 km ahead on the right.