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What is the impact of offshore drilling on whales?

While three oil drilling projects off the coast of Newfoundland are being fast-tracked by the Canadian government, one faithful reader…

|Whale Q&A 22/10/2020
Béluga du Saint-Laurent

Public Consultation on Marine Noise: Add Your Two Cents!

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is organizing a public consultation on the impact of noise in Canada’s oceans, and you are…

|News 20/10/2020

Military Sonar: A Threat to Blue Whale’s Recovery?

A new study published in Experimental Biology showed that military sonar can affect the behaviour of the blue whales studied off the…

|News 13/8/2019

Drilling near the St. Lawrence: A threat to marine mammals?

Between now and Christmas, the Government of Quebec is hoping to put into place a regulatory framework for hydrocarbon exploitation…

|News 5/12/2017

Boats to maintain greater distance from killer whales

By next spring, vessels off the coast of British Columbia will no longer be permitted to approach within 200 metres…

|News 7/11/2017
Béluga du Saint-Laurent

Toward a better co-existence of shipping traffic and belugas in the St. Lawrence

To facilitate the recovery of whales at risk in the St. Lawrence, researchers, wildlife managers and industry are working together…

|News 15/5/2017
Béluga du Saint-Laurent

Become an Earth Ranger and Help Protect Belugas !

The Earth Rangers organization helps protect St. Lawrence belugas and invites all children and their families to participate in the…

|News 30/11/2016