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27 right whale sightings later, a normal fishing season

Five aircraft conducting aerial surveillance have spotted up to 27 right whales this season, which has resulted in several fishing…

|News 31/5/2018

Federal government announces new protective measures for right whales

By François Vachon The year 2017 was a particularly grim year for right whales. A total of 17 carcasses were…

|News 3/4/2018

Right whales still present in gulf

At least 15 right whale sightings were made in the Gulf of St. Lawrence during the week of November 17,…

|News 21/11/2017

Vaquita could disappear within a year

On September 26, 2018, scientists aboard the Narval spotted a pair of vaquitas: one of the individuals was much smaller…

|News 29/5/2017

Summer closure of fisheries: a potential solution for protecting right whales?

To ensure the survival of the North Atlantic right whale, should we mitigate the risk of entanglements with fishing equipment?…

|News 18/5/2017

Safer Fishing Rope for Whales

The US government recently granted $180,000 to the New England Aquarium to design safer fishing gear for whales – namely…

|News 6/9/2016