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What is the impact of offshore drilling on whales?

While three oil drilling projects off the coast of Newfoundland are being fast-tracked by the Canadian government, one faithful reader…

|Whale Q&A 22/10/2020
Pose d'une balise sur le dos d'un béluga.

With the belugas… under water

On the morning of July 26, the Bleuvet sets sail from the port of Tadoussac to study belugas. With 6 people on…

|Field Notes 13/8/2019

Military Sonar: A Threat to Blue Whale’s Recovery?

A new study published in Experimental Biology showed that military sonar can affect the behaviour of the blue whales studied off the…

|News 13/8/2019

Putting a face to a call : identifying belugas acoustically

A herd of belugas breaks through the surface of the water as their squawks, chirps, whistles and grunts fill the…

|News 8/1/2019