Fin Whale

In the St. Lawrence, certain individuals are faithful to their summer feeding grounds and return every year, while others have been observed just once or twice. In the Estuary, a significant whale-watching industry revolves around this species. Who are these “greyhounds of the sea”?

Are fin whales at the mercy of available food?

A research project that was carried out in the early 2000s lifted the veil on how krill influences the dispersal of fin whales. It was observed that the more abundant the krill, the more fin whales we...

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Are Nova Scotia and St. Lawrence fin whales the same animals?

Although Fin whales are present throughout most of the North Atlantic, their movements and population structures are not very well known. In summer, western North Atlantic fin whales are frequently ob...

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Does krill influence the dispersal of fin whales?

Krill Photo credit : © Fisheries and Oceans Canada The Lower St. Lawrence Estuary is a major plankton traps. Large quantities of krill can be found in this area. Krill is the prey of several species ...

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What do fin whales do during the day? And at night?

It is essential that we have a better understanding of how fin whales, occupy their time in order to ensure their harmonious co-existence with the whale watching industry. What is important for them? ...

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What ties unite the fin whales of the North Atlantic?

Fin whales are present year round throughout the Atlantic. The cosmopolitan nature of fin whales intrigues biologists. Are there bonds between the fin whales observed in different areas of the Atlanti...

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Who are the fin whales of the Estuary?

Every summer, dozens of fin whales enter the Gulf of St. Lawrence and swim up the Estuary to the head of the Laurentian Channel. Numerous whale-watching vessels offer cruises to go out to meet these g...

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