Blue whale

Since 1979, MICS, which fine-tuned the individual identification method based on skin pigmentation patterns, has managed a catalogue of 420 blue whales for the St. Lawrence. Other projects are being pursued by other research teams in the Estuary and Gulf, notably in the areas of acoustics, population dynamics and diving behaviour.

What do blue whales do underwater?

The Northwest Atlantic blue whale population has been classified as endangered since 2002. In order to better protect this species, it is essential that we gain a better understanding of how blue whal...

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Who are the St. Lawrence blue whales?

The St. Lawrence is the seasonal residence of one of the largest concentrations of blue whales of the Northern Hemisphere. What is their relationship with the other blue whales of the Atlantic? It is ...

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Why do St. Lawrence blue whales pair up in the fall?

Blue whales are reputed to be solitary giants. Yet, in the fall, St. Lawrence blue whales are often seen in pairs. What could explain this behaviour? Pair of blue whales Photo credit : © GREMM To go ...

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