Observation of the week

Round-up of sightings from our precious collaborators who scan the waters of the Estuary and Gulf in summer and winter alike.

  • 2019 / 07 / 18

    Noteworthy Fish and Whales Galore

    Par Jeanne Picher-Labrie / Observation of the week

    Last week, it was white-sided dolphins in Gaspé Bay. This week, killer whales, the largest species in the dolphin family, make an appearance in the Lower North Shore! At least four individuals, recog...

  • Dauphins à flancs blancs © Renaud Pintiaux 2019 / 07 / 11

    First Dolphins of the Year and a Great-Grandmother

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Observation of the week

    Measuring 2 to 2.7 metres long, their toned bodies are black, white, grey and yellowish-beige. Atlantic white-sided dolphins! Fifteen or so individuals were seen leaping in Gaspé Bay on July 5. “W...

  • 2019 / 07 / 05

    Fins on the Horizon!

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Observation of the week

    Although whales were scarce in the Bonaventure Island sector last July, this year they have been plentiful. “We’re spoiled,” says one naturalist. The humpbacks are generous with their aerial...

  • 2019 / 07 / 02

    Large Rorquals from the North Shore to the Gaspé Peninsula

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Observation of the week

    In calm weather, the spouts of large rorquals can be heard hundreds of metres away, but above all, they can be seen for miles! © GREMM With their powerful, eye-catching blasts, large rorquals are not...

  • 2019 / 06 / 21

    Tic Tac Toe, Snowball, Petite Fleur and Leprechaun

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Observation of the week

    On the afternoon of June 16 off the coast of Grandes-Bergeronnes, the sea is smooth and silent. Suddenly, two large black backs appear. The whales swim side by side, rise to the surface almost in unis...

  • 2019 / 06 / 07

    Tiny Fish Fall Prey to Teeth and Baleen

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Observation of the week

    Nearshore reports of “large whales” picked up in intensity this week. In Godbout, in Quebec’s Côte-Nord region, humpback whales venture close to shore for a feast of capelin, judging by subsequ...

  • Rorqual commun avec la nageoire en crochet 2019 / 05 / 27

    Return of a Star?

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Observation of the week

    The hastily composed email betrays the excitement of its sender. The observer just photographed a fin whale with a particularly curved dorsal fin off Sept-Îles on May 19. Its shape is reminiscent of...

  • 2019 / 05 / 09

    Minke Whales Everywhere

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Observation of the week

    From the Gaspé to the Côte-Nord, minke whales have been appearing in the waves in recent days. In the St. Lawrence, the majority of minke whales identified or biopsied are females. In this species, ...

  • © GREMM 2019 / 04 / 29

    New Species for the Season

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Observation of the week

    In Sept-Îles, in Quebec’s Côte-Nord region, a long-time observer sets sails on a friend’s boat for the first time this season. The boat cruises by Île du Corossol, a protected island sanct...

  • 2019 / 04 / 18

    Grab your binoculars and let’s go!

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Beluga / Observation of the week

    Tuque, mittens, binoculars, one field guide for birds and another for whales: a couple is gearing up for a road trip to the Gaspé for the long weekend. They are encouraged by the observations that ha...