Field notes

Tune in to our researchers and photographers all season long by perusing their field notes.

  • 2018 / 10 / 03

    With the Belugas… At Full Throttle!

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Beluga / Field notes

    Clear blue sky, low winds, calm sea… The perfect conditions for a productive day of photo-identification and photogrammetry. All we have to do is find some belugas. We thus head out to sea aboar...

  • 2018 / 09 / 18

    With the Belugas… Hot to Trot!

    Par Équipe BpJam / Beluga / Field notes

    Monday, August 27, 2018. Aboard the BpJAM, we set out of the Tadoussac port in search of belugas to continue our routine photo-ID monitoring. Despite the presence of fog on the St. Lawrence, weather c...

  • 2018 / 08 / 21

    With the Belugas… Including One without a Tail!

    Par Équipe BpJam / Beluga / Field notes

    Monday, August 13, 2018: At the crack of dawn, the BpJAMM crew heads out toward the mid-channel buoy in perfect weather conditions. While whale-watching cruisers are thrilled about the diversity of la...

  • 2018 / 08 / 13

    With the Belugas… and the Unexpected on Board the Bleuvet!

    Par Équipe du Bleuvet / Beluga / Field notes

    On Wednesday, August 8, the Bleuvet team was on the water searching for a herd of belugas to carry out its photogrammetry program. This program, as seen in these field notes, aims to document beluga w...

  • 2018 / 08 / 03

    “Mom, can you hear me?” Season #2

    Par Collaboration spéciale / Beluga / Field notes

    By Valeria Vergara and Marie-Ana Mikus (guest researchers from Ocean Wise Conservation Association) Time flies on the beluga research tower in Baie Sainte-Marguerite in the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marin...

  • 2018 / 07 / 30

    With the Belugas… and Their Waist Measurements!

    Par Timothée Perrero / Beluga / Field notes

    For the past several years, scientists have been using drones to study wildlife in their natural environment. Besides the esthetic appeal of the images they provide, drones provide a different perspec...

  • 2018 / 07 / 23

    With the Belugas… and a Narwhal!

    Par Équipe BpJam / Field notes

    A new season is getting underway aboard GREMM’s Zodiac, the BpJAM. New season, new team! This year, the crew is composed of two research assistants returning for their second consecutive season....

  • 2018 / 07 / 10

    Back at the Tower: a Second Season in Baie-Sainte-Marguerite

    Par Jaclyn Aubin / Field notes

    Last Saturday, as I hauled myself up onto the platform of the tower, I felt a flutter of excitement in my chest: finally, after a long year of analyzing data, we were back in the field, at our post in...

  • 2018 / 07 / 06

    With the Belugas – GREMM Kicks Off New Season

    Par Timothée Perrero / Beluga / Field notes

    With new projects being launched this year and continuing regular beluga monitoring, the 2018 field season promises to be rich in encounters and stories. June 18: after weeks of preparations – becau...

  • 2018 / 06 / 22

    A History of Fidelity… by René Roy

    Par René Roy / Field notes

    Friday, June 8: after being notified of 3 blue whales purportedly present in the Gaspé region, I decide to head there, despite the forecasts for relatively strong winds. With winds at least as strong...