• 2017 / 06 / 30

    With the Belugas: Week of June 19, 2017

    Par Équipe du Bleuvet / Beluga-en / Field notes

    Rolling the Dice After a first week spent in the upstream sector on the north shore side, the week of June 19 unfolded mostly in the company of belugas frequenting the Saguenay River and its mouth. St...

  • 2017 / 04 / 14

    DL220 off Cap de Bon-Désir!

    Par Renaud Pintiaux / Beluga-en / Field notes

    April 10, 2017. Back on the rocks of Cap de Bon-Désir. Rather quickly, I spot with my binoculars a herd of belugas far to the northwest, heading full speed along the coast to the northeast. These bel...

  • 2016 / 10 / 04


    Par Équipe BED / Beluga-en

    Her field marks Dorothy has multiple distinctive marks on her left side and a clean notch in the centre of her dorsal ridge. She is, however, difficult to recognize from her right side. Life history O...

  • 2016 / 07 / 19


    Par Équipe BED / Beluga-en

    His field marks Leucas is difficult to identify from the right side. On the other hand, he has a spot on his left flank that resembles the stroke of a paintbrush. Just below this spot, he shows a deep...

  • 2016 / 07 / 19


    Par Équipe BED / Beluga-en

    Her field marks Delphi is easily identifiable from the left side: she has a large gray spot and white dots that completely cover her dorsal crest and extend onto her flank. Life history The first enco...

  • 2016 / 03 / 04

    (Cowboys Fringants and their fans )

    Par Équipe BED / Beluga-en

    Its distinctive traits Hector is easily recognizable thanks to two deep notches in his dorsal crest, which are visible from both sides. Life history It was in 2013 that we first encountered Hector, at...

  • 2016 / 02 / 18

    (fans of the television show Animo)

    Par Équipe BED / Beluga-en

    Its distinctive traits The deep round scar between Animo’s head and dorsal crest is the first thing that jumps out when observing this individual. It also has a few small gashes on its dorsal cr...

  • 2015 / 06 / 28


    Par Équipe BED / Beluga-en

    Portrait Atmosphère se reconnaît par ses deux taches blanches avec un petit point gris au centre de chacune d’elle, faisant penser aux yeux d’un personnage de BD. Sa tête porte aussi une ligne ...

  • 2015 / 06 / 28


    Par Équipe BED / Beluga-en

    Portrait Aster n’est connu que du flanc droit sur lequel on voit une cicatrice étoilée de taille moyenne. Sa crête dorsale comporte quelques petites entailles. Lors de la seule observation d’As...

  • 2015 / 06 / 19


    Par Marie-Sophie Giroux / Beluga-en

    Portrait Twik est facilement identifiable par sa large entaille en forme de V vers le milieu de la crête dorsale. Cette entaille est très profonde et permet de reconnaître Twik des deux flancs. Cli...