Cap sur les baleines, Episode 3: Simon Gauthier

  • 09 / 09 / 2015 Par Mathilde Michaud

    Professional storyteller Simon Gauthier pounds the pavement, his backpack chock full of tales, baleinophone in hand. The pioneer of whale song classes takes you on a journey from Lyon to Tadoussac, in the footsteps of the first baleinophone, the essential tool of the man who makes the whales sing.

    The video is in French:

    Cap sur les baleines is a webseries presenting whales through the eyes of those who encounter them on a daily basis. In each episode, enter a new universe, discover a new approach to these giants that inhabit the St. Lawrence.

    Directed by Mathilde Michaud

    Starring Simon Gauthier

    Graphic design by Laurence Fontaine

    A GREMM production




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