Beyond Cap de Bon-Désir, fin whale Bp929… by Renaud Pintiaux

  • 08 / 12 / 2015 Par Renaud Pintiaux

    Rorqual commun non identifié

    On December 5, through my binoculars, I spot five fin whales, two pair and one solitary individual, as well as a humpback whale. One of the fin whale duos speedily passes by. I snap a few photos, which I send to the GREMM fin whale specialist. The first individual, the smaller of the two, is not identifiable, but the “face” of the second one is: it is Bp929. It is recognized notably by a notch on the dorsal fin, and especially by a white spot near its blowhole, visible on the right side. Bp929 is a female and has been known since 1994!


    Here are my photos that made this identification possible:




    That same day at the cape, I observe once again the minke whale Santafin (I encourage you to read my previous field notes) and a group of about 50 harp seals.



    The next day, I return to these same boulders, where strong winds are blowing from the southwest. Again this time, two fin whales pass in front of my lookout, but remain unidentified. Also observed: three minke whales, two harp seals and two gray seals.

    What action! To be continued!


    Photos: © Renaud Pintiaux

    4417_112829709745_3688559_n_modifié-1-e1432474398285GREMM research assistant from 2003 to 2009 and from 2012 to 2014, Renaud Pintiaux is a passionate observer and photographer. Year round and regardless of whether from shore or on the water, he takes every opportunity to observe the marine mammals and birds of the Saguenay–St. Lawerence Marine Park.