- Tadoussac Elderhostel
  • ID number : DL0579
  • Sex : Female
  • Year of birth : Before 1980
  • Know since : 1994
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Her field marks

Our first encounter with Nomi goes back to the summer of 1994. She was already white at the time, making her age difficult to estimate. However, as belugas fade from gray to white in colour between the ages of 12 and 16, we can affirm that Nomi would have been born no earlier than the early 1980s.

Her size and associations suggest that Nomi is a female of the Saguenay community. In their summer range, females form large communities in which they tend to newborns and young. These communities are faithful to traditional territories and exchanges between them are uncommon. DNA analysis of a biopsy sample taken from her back in 2000 would confirm her sex: Nomi is indeed a female.

Her companions include Yogi, Élizabeth and DL0169, females of the Saguenay community like herself. Associations between females of the same community are generally not very stable. They may vary depending on the females’ reproductive status and whether or not they are pregnant or accompanied by a calf. Nomi was observed on several occasions accompanied by calves and young belugas. We must await more detailed analysis of such associations before we can confirm which of the aforementioned calves may have been her own.

How her story unfolds will help us better understand the social and reproductive lives of belugas. By better understanding how belugas live, we will better be able to protect them.

Nomi observations history

Latest news

  • SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

    Early in the morning we set out to encounter belugas. At the mouth of the Saguenay, we spot a herd of a dozen or so individuals composed of adults and young. After an hour of observations and photo-ID work, we lose sight of all the individuals. The belugas dive and vanish below the surface, making our job all the more challenging. Seeing their white backs in the distance, we decide to go ply the waters off Île Rouge. Great choice! We manage to take several photos of a white adult with a calf. Back at the research station, we scan through the photos taken and recognize Nomi! However, at the present time we cannot confirm whether or not the calf is hers.

    Update: April 17, 2018


  • Tadoussac Elderhostel

    Tadoussac Elderhostel adopted Eldy (2000), Canusa (2001), Tadou (2004), Amalena (2014) and Nomi (2015).

    Je viens à Tadoussac depuis l’âge de 8 mois (c’est-à-dire depuis 1938) et moi, ma femme, mes filles, mon gendre et mes petits enfants adorons ce pays. Nous avons été élevés avec ces baleines, et les bélugas en particulier.

    Les participants de mes groupes d’Elderhostel ont aussi été touchés pas ces merveilleuses baleines, alors on a décidé de participer à leur protection et leur préservation en versant des fonds dans le programme d’adoption. J’ai aussi décidé de « matcher » personnellement les dons qui sont faits.

    Pour en savoir plus sur Tadoussac Elderhostel, vous pouvez visiter (en anglais).


    Benny Beattie