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24 October 2019

Contaminants Blamed for Throwing Genes Out of Whack

More and more studies are suggesting that numerous so-called endocrine disruptors are accumulating in the tissues of whales and posing a threat to their health. Endocrine disruptors are substances that can interfere with the normal functioning of hormone regulation in an individual and thus potentially interfere with associated biological functions. But how exactly do contaminants... Learn more

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24 October 2019

With the Belugas… Their Newborns and the Narwhal

By Mathieu Marzelière, research assistant October 9: an Indian summer day, a calm St. Lawrence, spectacular fall foliage… the BpJAM sets sail for one of its last outings of the year. It’s a thrill to get back on this small inflatable craft after three intense weeks of conducting biopsies coupled with photogrammetry for a research project in... Learn more

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13 September 2019

With the Belugas… And Their Amusing Behaviours

September 6: While part of the team is returning from Alaska to lend a hand to researchers studying the beluga population of Cook Inlet, another is taking off on board our small inflatable research craft, the BpJAM. The weather forecast is calling for smooth waters on the south shore, while the north shore is covered... Learn more

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Valeria Vergara has been able to identify 28 different call types of belugas, with a particularly distinct broadband rapid pulse train type called a contact call. Mothers and calves predominantly use these calls and so do others in need of group cohesion. © GREMM
12 September 2019

“Losing the Saguenay acoustic refuge means risking irreparable impacts to belugas”

The Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals (GREMM) is publishing a video to answer the many questions that are being asked about industrial port projects being developed along the Saguenay. “I’m particularly concerned about belugas,” remarks from the outset GREMM scientific director and beluga specialist Robert Michaud. The video is in French, but... Learn more

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11 September 2019

Are whale protection and research work compatible?

Better understanding cetaceans to better protect them is the goal of many researchers working on these giants of the seas. However, some methods such as biopsies or tagging are intrusive and can disturb the individuals under study. Disturbing whales to better understand them, in order to subsequently disturb them less: how do we reconcile this... Learn more

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