Participants à l’adoption collective de DL0553

La communauté estivale de Tadoussac a adopté DL0553 (en cours).

Amy Bray, for Marcus Grogan

I am contributing towards the adoption of this beluga for my boyfriend, who loves these creatures and dreams of diving with them one day. It is a Valentine’s gift which represents love for our world as well as each other. We are both passionate conservationists and want to preserve our precious oceans for future generations. He once bought me a toy beluga made of recycled plastic bottles and we named it Billy, so that is the name I propose for this beautiful whale.

Florian Wolff
I would like to propose the name “Anne” for DL0553. It is a beautiful name, which works both in English and in French. Me and my wife Anne were on a trip in Tadoussac this year, seeing the Belugas and it was a once-in-a-ilfetime experience. She is nearly the same age as DL0553. I do this donation as a gift for her. Best greetings

Alizée Goulet
Merci de votre excellent travail pour la protection des géants des mers.

Citadel Foundation

Magali Robidaire

Pam Price
In loving memory of Jim Campbell

Cynthia Price
In memory of Harold Price. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to protect and conserve our environment and marine wildlife, especially the belugas.

John Stairs

Lyn Bailey

Margie Stephen

Evelyn Brooks

Adelaide Gomer

Ariane Tremblay
Merci pour votre implication!

Bénédicte Jenot
En l’honneur de Jenot Joël.

Le Bocal de Mag

Charlotte Meunier (11e don)

Lorraine Fyfe
Pour une jeune famille de trois enfants, de Saint-André de Kamouraska, qui suivront avec grand intérêt la vie de leur nouveau ami . Longue vie !!

Véronique Morel
Je fais ce don en cadeau d’anniversaire de ma petite-fille Jeanne pour ses 12 ans.

Héloïse Puga
Merci pour toutes vos actions réalisées dans le but de mieux comprendre et de sauvegarder les cétacés du Saint-Laurent.