Field notes

Tune in to our researchers and photographers all season long by perusing their field notes.

  • 2017 / 11 / 13

    End-of-Season Field Notes 2017 (Part II)… by Renaud Pintiaux

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Field notes

    The last trip offshore for the year took place on November 4. Here is the second part of these Field Notes, accompanied by a large photo gallery. First let’s look at gray seals and gulls. Near t...

  • 2017 / 11 / 09

    End-of-Season Field Notes 2017 (Part I)… by Renaud Pintiaux

    Par Renaud Pintiaux / Field notes

    The field season ended on November 4. But there are still quite noteworthy observations (marine mammals, birds, landscapes) and two Field Notes will be needed to summarize these final forays off the c...

  • 2017 / 10 / 23

    With the Belugas: Week of October 16, 2017

    Par Équipe du Bleuvet / Beluga / Field notes

    The 2017 season is over! Autumn is already well upon us in Tadoussac, the sailboats have been taken out of the marina and parked in the dry dock, and soon it will be the Bleuvet‘s turn to retire...

  • 2017 / 10 / 11

    With the Belugas: Week of October 2, 2017

    Par Équipe du Bleuvet / Beluga / Field notes

    A difficult autumn… For the past two weeks, the weather has not been on our side. A significant number of days of field work were cut short due to the fog and, even when the latter lifted, the w...

  • 2017 / 10 / 06

    With the Belugas: Week of September 25

    Par Équipe du Bleuvet / Beluga / Field notes

    Hunters on the Prowl! A few weeks ago, we observed a beluga whale spitting on the water surface to hunt herring. This week we witnessed our white whales in the midst of yet another hunting foray. In t...

  • 2017 / 09 / 29

    With the Belugas… in Alaska: Week of September 1, 2017

    Par Équipe du Bleuvet / Beluga / Field notes

    Belugas in the Mud From September 1 to 9, we were back in Anchorage, Alaska, for a second year in a row for the start of the Cook Inlet Beluga Biopsy Program. A number of parallels can be drawn betwee...

  • 2017 / 09 / 29

    With the Belugas: Week of September 18, 2017

    Par Équipe du Bleuvet / Beluga-en / Field notes

    This week, we are giving the floor to Alexandre Bernier-Graveline, UQAM Master’s candidate in bioaccumulation and the effects of environmental contaminants on the beluga population of the St. La...

  • 2017 / 08 / 28

    With the Belugas: Week of August 21, 2017

    Par Équipe du Bleuvet / Field notes

    August 21: The Bleuvet is stationed off of L’Anse-à-la-Boule. The weather is particularly calm. Amidst the last patches of fog lingering on the Fjord, a beluga appears, exhibiting a peculiar be...

  • 2017 / 08 / 14

    Whale soup…by Josiane Cabana

    Par Josiane Cabana / Field notes

    Monday morning, August 7. My vacation kicks off and pushes me to the opposite coastline, in the direction of the Gaspé Peninsula. I take this opportunity to visit René Roy, a contributor to the Ming...

  • 2017 / 07 / 27

    Investigation in the Marine Park!

    Par Mathieu Marzelière / Field notes

    It all begins on the morning of July 10, 2017, a rather ordinary day. The weather is fairly mild, visibility is at its max, and the St. Lawrence looks like a sheet of glass. In short, we had the perfe...