Adopt a beluga

Their story is that of The St. Lawrence,
and their future is our future, too.


28 August 2017

What is this beluga doing with this piece of wood?

In this video taken in the summer of 2016 off the land-based Pointe-Noire Interpretation and Observation Centre, a beluga is seen exhibiting curious behaviour. For several minutes it interacts with a piece of wood, putting it on its back and rolling it, repeating the cycle several times. Is it a form of play? A scratching... Learn more

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Le narval se trouvait encore auprès de bélugas le 20 aout
27 August 2017

Narwhal Still Amongst St. Lawrence Belugas

At a time when identity and immigration issues are tormenting Quebec and the rest of the planet, a fresh wind is blowing across the St. Lawrence. The stray young narwhal observed last summer in the St. Lawrence seems to have found a host society. Photographs obtained by a GREMM research assistant yesterday in the mouth... Learn more

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31 July 2017


Our team began to see the first calves of the year several weeks ago already, but in the past two weeks, we have been encountering them in almost every herd, and even up to five in a single herd! When it comes to determining whether a young animal is indeed a newborn, that is to... Learn more

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