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18 December 2017

Does social hierarchy exist in belugas?

Most of the time, belugas are observed in groups of multiple individuals; rarely are they seen alone. Since they live in groups, a certain social organization reigns. Does this mean that there is a hierarchy amongst them? No in-depth studies have been conducted in this area, but some studies suggest that belugas display a certain... Learn more

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Femelle béluga de 3,87 m échouée à Saint-Ulric, 23 octobre 2017 © David Michaud
26 October 2017

Fresh Beluga Carcass Found in Saint-Ulric

The Matane unit of Sureté du Québec contacted 1-877-7baleine after a resident stopped by the station to report a live stranded beluga on the shores in Saint-Ulric. At the same time, a cyclist was passing by and reported a large white carcass. Confirmation made: an adult beluga carcass, pure white, had washed up on the... Learn more

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23 October 2017

With the Belugas: Week of October 16, 2017

The 2017 season is over! Autumn is already well upon us in Tadoussac, the sailboats have been taken out of the marina and parked in the dry dock, and soon it will be the Bleuvet‘s turn to retire for the winter. For the research team, the season was once again very eventful. June began with... Learn more

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