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Their story is that of The St. Lawrence,
and their future is our future, too.


14 July 2017

With the Belugas: Week of July 3, 2017

Identifying  Individual Belugas Belugas are not one of the most easily recognizable whale species. They do not systematically show their tail when they dive like humpbacks, do not show pigment patterns like blue whales, and they completely lack a dorsal fin. In lieu of a dorsal fin, we find in belugas what is called a... Learn more

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13 July 2017

How can a beluga survive out of water?

The rescue operation of the beluga trapped in the Nepisiguit River, New Brunswick, raised the question: how can a marine species survive out of its environment? For the occasion, Whales Online met with Dr. Émilie L. Couture. A member of the Université de Montréal’s Department of Veterinary Medicine, she assisted the young beluga during its... Learn more

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21 June 2017

Making of Film Of Whales, the Moon and Men Designated Historic Event

The making of the film Of Whales, the Moon and Men (1962) by Pierre Perrault, Michel Brault and Marcel Carrière was designated an “historic event” by the Government of Quebec earlier this month. Iconic work of direct cinema on a global scale, this film portrays an important chapter of the history of the St. Lawrence,... Learn more

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